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The Reporter

November/December 1999
Volume 4, Issue 3

Region I formed at CPD III

College Press Day III brought about the establishment of a new entity, the first Society for Collegiate Journalists Region. The region includes SCJ chapters from New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The Regionalization is designed to bring the chapters from different areas together to help each other with events and ideas.

Another advantage to having a region is that no chapter will have to act alone in programming events. Other chapters in the region will be able to support activities in the region. Susan Ferchalk, Clarion University, Brian Ianieri, Susquehanna College, Barb Suszynski, Utica College, and Mindy Poe, Fairmont State voted to establish Region I. "I feel that this regionalization will be very beneficial to all the chapters involved, I also think that it will come in handy having support from other chapters," said Ferchalk. The delegates also discussed electing an executive board, adopting a regional philanthropy, and recruiting other chapters to the membership.

During the regionalization meeting the representatives adopted a Mission Statement which reads:

"The purpose of SCJ Region I is to function as a group of dedicated students journalists to champion the causes of the student press.

We will gather the membership of SCJ chapters in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and create a new organization that will sponsor regional events.

We will support each other in activities with both attendance and funding.

We will adopt a regional philanthropy that is dedicated to the task of protecting the rights of collegiate journalists and raise money to ensure their continued existence.

We will plan events for the region and recruit other chapters to join our membership.

Above all else, we will remain faithful to the mission of The Society for Collegiate Journalists, and embrace all that they hold dear."

Another topic at the meeting was funding. According to Dr. Arthur H. Barlow, SCJ Executive Director, "The National Council will definitely provide some monetary support for Region members to sponsor events like College Press Day."

Vincent Chesney, from Western Maryland College, was at the meeting to gather information to form a second region for Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. "Since Vince was instrumental in generating a chapter at Clemson University, this is definitely a good sign," said Barlow.

* Kristi Mort is a senior Communication major and SCJ member at Clarion University.

SCJ Advisor, Bobbie Hurt Honored with Medal of Merit and her Own Scholarship

As final bids rolled in from patrons of the Society for Collegiate Journalists chapterís first-ever silent auction at UNA, Bobbie Hurt, surrounded by students, sat waiting for the awards ceremony to begin. SCJ Chapter Adviser Hurt didn't suspect she was about to become the newest recipient of the SCJ Medal of Merit. And an even bigger surprise for the University of North Alabama journalism professor was to come.

In the meantime, anxious auction-goers stood guard over their silent bids on various items displayed on tables in the beautifully appointed ground-floor rooms of Coby Hall. A wide range of donated food and drink items fed both the patrons and the sponsors of the year-end event last spring.

Hurt wasnít the only award-winner. The event combined the fundraiser and a chapter awards ceremony for certificates from both SCJ and the Southeast Journalism Conference.

The auction included sports mementos from The University of Alabama, Vanderbilt, the University of Tennessee, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, as well as UNA. In addition, other items such as restaurant coupons, antique goblets, Huntsville Symphony Orchestra tickets, autographed celebrity photos and a bank bond were up for bidding.

SCJ members had planned out the event with the help of Hurt and campus newspaper and yearbook adviser Mary Jennings. Telephone books and fliers in hand Hurt, Jennings and chapter members set out on their mission, enlisting the help of local radio stations and the campus newspaper. All in all, the event raised $605 "Not bad for the first time out," said Jennings, who seceded Hurt as SCJ chapter adviser for 1999-2000.

Nominations from students, the university president and others led to Hurtís being awarded the SCJ Medal of Merit. But Hurt's surprise at receiving the award was mild in comparison to the shock she underwent during a press conference a week later.

The conference was held to announce the Bobbie Hurt Endowed Scholarship Fund. Support for the fund came from various contributors, including SCJ silent auction earnings. The scholarship was founded in response to Hurt's announcement of her impending, well-earned retirement. The university president, the chair of the Department of Communications and Theatre, former students, a current student and others all gave speeches praising Hurt's life and work at UNA.

When Hurt herself rose there was hardly a dry eye, that is until she responded. "I live out by the Tennessee River," she said, "and I invite you all to come by some time. If you knock and donít get an answer, donít give up. Stroll on down the bank. I have been known to walk across the water. "She brought down the house.

* Natalie Stough is an SCJ member from the University of Alabama.

SCJ Chapter Active in Service

The Fairmont University Chapter of SCJ was reactivated in 1998 after nearly 10 years of inactivity. Last year, they celebrated 50 years on campus by adding two service projects to the chapter's activities.

The first service project was sending an SCJ member to work as part of the team for the annual Caring Across the Community project last spring. The project was building a ramp for a handicapped individual at his home. SCJ plans to participate in a service project again this year.

The second project is compiling, editing, designing and producing the monthly newsletter for the Fairmont chapter of the American Cancer Society's Driver division. SCJ has been working on this since last May, and it will be an ongoing project for SCJ with different members taking on the du ties of the newsletter each year.

SCJ Advisor, Beth Slusser said, "I am very proud of the students in our small chapter--we only have about six active members, but they are very dedicated to Student Publications and SCJ."

Slusser also had an article published in the Summer 1999 issue of the CMA's magazine, College Media Review. The article's focus is how Student Publications survives on a campus without journalism as a major.

Hats off to all our new initiates!

  • Hastings College, NE - 5 New Members

  • University of Nebraska at Kearney, NE - 2 New Members

  • Wartburg College, IA - 7 New Members

  • Virginia Wesleyan College, VA - 7 New Members

  • Clarion University, PA - 21 New Members

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